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Travel 1st Aid Kit


Travel 1st Aid Kit


Travel 1st Aid Kit


The Travel 1st Aid Kit was designed to give you a general selection of useful herbal remedies imbued with stone essences for use during minor first aid. It is perfect for any situation, whether at home, out with the kids or on a long hike.

Each beautifully lined, zip-top bag contains a general information card with directions for use & one each of the following:

Aches & Strains Liniment – 1oz (30mL) spray ~ This liniment is made with cottonwood bud, arnica flowers, rue leaf & flowers, ginger rhizome, St. John’s wort tops steeped in ethyl alcohol combined with black tourmaline & lepidolite stone essences. It was created to soothe tired and aching muscles and joints after a long hike or a fall off the bike. Use: spray onto bruises, bumps & strained muscles & joints. Do not apply to broken skin. For external use only.

Mentha Spirits – ½ oz (15mL) dropper bottle ~ Mentha Spirits is a combination of fresh spearmint tincture, peppermint essential oil, & lemon quartz & yellow moonstone stone essences. A couple of drops taken on the tongue can help soothe an upset stomach and help quell nausea. It can also be added to a small amount of water and sipped slowly. Use: add a couple of drops to a small amount of water to ease nausea & settle an upset tummy.

Yarrow Powder – 4g powder ~ Finely powdered yarrow leaf & flower infused with almandine garnet stone to enhance its ability to stop bleeding. Use: sprinkle a small amount on a bleeding wound to stop the flow. A small amount can also be snuffed to stop a nosebleed.

Wound Healer – ½ oz (15mL) dropper bottle ~ Wound Healer is a combination of alcohol extracts of calendula, yarrow, St. John’s wort & plantain with carnelian & lepidolite stone essences. Use: apply 3 – 5 drops to cuts & scrapes before bandaging to hasten healing & prevent infection.

Herbal Clay Poultice – 10g powder ~ Herbal Clay Poultice is a combination of French green clay, Oregon grape root, calendula flowers & plantain leaf infused with serpentine stone. Use: put a small amount in the palm of your hand & moisten drop by drop with water. Mix into a paste & apply to insect stings, splinters, & infected pustules to draw out foreign substances. After the clay dries rinse off carefully. Dry the area & apply Healing Salve. Cover with a bandage if necessary.

Serene Calming Oil – 10mL roll-on bottle ~ Serene is a soothing blend of essential oils including Roman chamomile, lavender, geranium and others infused with selenite & amazonite stones in light and absorbent organic fractionated coconut oil. This oil is great to rub on the pulse points to help promote calm and reduce stress. It is gentle enough for babies and can be used anytime during stressful situations. Use: apply to the temples, wrists & throat when in need of calming. This blend is safe for children.

Healing Salve – ½ oz tin ~ This salve was created to heal skin irritation, scrapes, cuts, burns, & diaper rash. It contains calendula, comfrey, plantain & yarrow infused in organic olive oil & are well known to heal the skin. Lavender & frankincense essential oils were added to decrease inflammation, help heal the damaged tissue, & prevent infection. Beeswax gives the salve a pliable, easy to apply texture & a wealth of its own healing benefits. Use: apply as needed to cuts, scrapes & scratches to promote healing.

Trauma Salve – ½ oz tin ~ This salve was created to soothe bumps, bruises, & other effects of physical trauma. It is prepared with arnica flowers & St. John’s wort tops infused in organic olive oil, beeswax, & cinnamon leaf & ginger essential oils. Arnica flowers are a well-known botanical to improve blood flow when locally applied. St. John’s Wort flowers can be used topically to reduce nerve pain & help heal traumatized skin. Beeswax helps hold the salve together & make it easier to apply. Cinnamon leaf & ginger essential oils were added to increase warmth & circulation to the area. Use: apply as needed to bumps, bruises & strains to promote healing. Do not apply to broken skin.

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