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Stinging Nettle Vinegar


Stinging Nettle Vinegar

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20190125_154115 (1)_2.jpg

Stinging Nettle Vinegar


The Stinging Nettle Vinegar was made by steeping fresh young stinging nettle tops (Urtica dioica) in organic apple cider vinegar to extract the vitamin & mineral goodness. Fluorite & carnelian stone essences were added to enhance nutrient absorption.

Stinging nettles are well known as a delicious & nutritious wild green. They require some delicacy when harvesting unless you don't mind a bad nettle rash. Nettles are rich in nutrients including vitamins A, C, iron, potassium, manganese, & calcium. Using apple cider vinegar as the extracting liquid insures more of the minerals are pulled out of the plant matter into a form more easily digested by the body.

Recommended use: stir 1 tablespoon (or 4 squirts) into 4 ounces of water & drink before meals to help stimulate digestion and support nutrient absorption.

Cooking uses: add a couple of tablespoons to bone broth before simmering to extract even more minerals from the bones & soft tissues. Use in place of other vinegars in vinaigrette, marinades & whenever vinegar is called for in recipes. Squirt as needed while simmering or sauteing to add a bit of sour to any dish.

Ingredients: fresh young stinging nettle tops (Urtica dioica), organic apple cider vinegar & fluorite & carnelian stone essences

Size: 4oz dropper bottle

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