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Intuitive Heart Blend


Intuitive Heart Blend


Intuitive Heart Blend


Intuitive Heart is a beautiful blend to support an open connection to heart-centered intuition. A blend of heart supportive herbs & flowers combined with the deep medicine of stone energetics. The stones were chosen to support an open heart, growth within & to provide protection during this process. This lend is also ideal for processing and being present with grief.

Breathe deep, slow the mind, feel calmness around you and within. Take 3 – 12 drops. Feel your heart. Feel it beat. Note the rhythm. Know that it beats at every moment of everyday for you. Share love and gratitude with your heart. Thank your heart. Continue to feel its rhythm. From your heart center reach out, feel out. Note what comes to mind, feelings and sensations you experience. This practice can be used for a variety of experiences: to deepen your relationship with plants, animals & stones, with yourself, working on what does and doesn’t serve you, with other relationships providing you with a safe place to be within to process experience and thought. Other tools can assist this process such as journaling, creation of art and music, oracle and tarot decks, and meditation.

Ingredients: herbal extractives of hawthorn leaf, flower & berry, linden flower & rose petal, stone energetics of rose quartz, moss agate & black tourmaline with filtered water, brandy & grain alcohol

Size: 1oz (30mL)

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