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In Amongst the Trees Incense Blend


In Amongst the Trees Incense Blend

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20190125_150810 (1)_2.jpg

In Amongst the Trees Incense Blend


A natural incense blend. Bright notes of spice & heartwood curl about crushed tree resins. Sweet fronds & dusky flowers envelope you & draw you up.  A ring of stones, a ring of trees

~You are protected~

Each incense is prepared with a blend of tree resins, leaves, roots, flowers, scent & color tinctures, essential oils, absolutes & concretes, & infused with stones & stone essences. Each is prepared in a sacred space, crushed & infused in consideration of beneficial astrological timing & aged to thoroughly infuse.

Loose incense is best experienced on an incense warmer to note the subtleties. Incense burning charcoal can also be used but will give off more smoke. Do not burn unattended.

Size: 8g in cork topped glass vial

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