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Compassion Sun Catcher


Compassion Sun Catcher


Compassion Sun Catcher


The Sun Catchers are made with semi-precious stones, metal beads, & crystal prisms strung onto nylon-coated stainless steel micro-wire. The stones are chosen with purpose for particular goals & energies. They are created in a sacred environment accounting for the most beneficial time of day for the purpose at hand. Each Sun Catcher is unique and one of a kind.

Compassion Sun Catcher is prepared with amethyst, agate, rose quartz, silver spiral charms, ametrine, garnet, & rhodochrosite threaded on copper micro-wire.

These stones were chosen & linked to enable deep compassion for yourself & others.

How to use: place in a sunny window to catch the Sun and focus the energy of the stones to you. Stand within the rainbows and feel the energy wash over you. Journal about your thoughts and feelings as you work, and set up a space to honor the goals you are working on.

Each Sun Catcher is packaged in a natural craft box with a fluffy lining. It includes the box card seen in the photo.

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