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Clear Connection Energetic Room Spray


Clear Connection Energetic Room Spray


Clear Connection Energetic Room Spray


The scent of Clear Connection is warm and woodsy with a fresh, floral note. Prior to making the stone essence, the Quartz was cleansed and programmed to increase centeredness and focus. It was added for this purpose. Star Tulip flower essence was added to help with all intuitive work. It is a “listening” remedy. It is a helpful remedy for those who feel they cannot meditate or focus effectively.

Clear Connection Energetic Room Spray is intended to help gain insight, trust your intuition, recognize your own self-worth and to bring a clear focused mind.

Shake well & mist your surrounding area to clear a space & to encourage a clear, focused mind.

Ingredients: Western red cedar, Douglas fir resin, bergamot, clary sage, mugwort & black pepper essential oils with quartz stone essence, star tulip flower essence in a base of filtered water & grain alcohol.

Size: 2oz spray

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