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In the Beginning... Stones


In the Beginning... Stones

Khrys Viaches

Purple has always been one of my favorite colors. Perhaps that is what led me to pick out my first amethyst cluster in my tweens. I carried it with me everywhere. I still have it now. Even before that I have been drawn to rocks and crystals, both in their natural state and as polished stones. The way they are made within the earth fascinated me too and was one of my favorite topics in science class as a kid. I remember sitting in my driveway for ages looking through the pebbles to find any stones with remarkable color or shape. I was thrilled when I found out my grandfather had a rock tumbler. I could make my own polished stones! Little did I realize how loud those are and our experiments didn’t last long.

Perhaps it was the color, the sparkle or waxy appearance, the inclusions (minerals and other properties present during the stones birth that create streaks, bubbles and colors within the stone), structure, texture, heft, or energy of the stones that first drew me in, but honestly I love all this about those hard substances we know as rocks, crystals and gemstones.

When in my teens and studying the magical properties of plants I also came across information on crystals concerning their beneficial properties and their use in healing. Now I know many folks consider this to be a bunch of hullabaloo, but I remember clearly when I first felt a crystals vibration. I was in a crystal shop in my hometown and picked up a small rose quartz sphere and held it in the palm of my “receiving” hand (this would be your non-dominant hand – the hand you do not write with). I felt a distinct tingling in my palm. I chose to buy that stone and I have it still. I have used it often to help with self-esteem issues and to open my heart to love.

Much of the energetic information on crystals has to do with what minerals make up the stone, what earth processes occur to make the stone, and what vibration the stone has. This has much to do with the make-up of the stone and how its energy can be used for healing. Take obsidian for example. This is a stone created during lava flows. It cools very fast giving it no time to form crystals and is a form of volcanic glass. While it comes in many colors the most common is black or dark brown. Black stones in general resonate with the Root Chakra and are very grounding. Obsidian in particular is protective and is useful for helping to deal with negative behaviors and emotional blockages. The stone works fast though and should be used with awareness of this so that proper support is present.

I work with crystals in many ways. I study them in books of course, I collect them when I feel drawn to particular stones, I gather – when permissible – when out in nature, and I use them in healing and energetic work. I meditate with my collection of stones. I often choose a specific stone and spend some time with it alone rather than working with all the stones I have together. I use them in crystal sun catchers, allowing the lead glass prism to focus the energy into beneficial rainbows that you can stand in. I’m also beginning my studies in lithotherapy. These are prepared similar to flower essences, but are made with gemstones and crystals. As I have continued to study and work with stones I have created a line of Stone Essences. These are now available individually and are included with many herbal products as well. Each of my Energetic Room Sprays include a Stone Essence and Flower Essence along with essential oils to direct and support the healing properties.

Stay tuned for more information on the crystals I have and work with as well as the products I have that utilize their beneficial properties.