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About Silver Willow herb & stone

My name is Khrys Sionainn V (Kris Shannon) and I am a mother, wife, witch, Vitalist herbalist and medicine maker. I'm a Southern girl of Irish & English ancestry, growing up on ceded Shawnee and Cherokee lands. When growing up I was fascinated with crystals and the plants growing around me. As a teenager I began learning more about plants and crystals in the very beginnings of my magic practice. Many years later I was helped significantly with plant medicines. This encouraged me to look deeper - into history, theory, medicine making, and practice. I moved to the Pacific Northwest (first upon Nisqually land, then to Chinook land) in the late 90's and embarked upon knowing this place and its history, for here I feel at home.

In 2002 I began more formal education with herbal medicine. I made herbal formulas, tasted and smelled as many herbs as I could get my hands on, grew and processed many plants myself, researched everything using every herbal I could find, and saw a few friends and family members as clients. I had been making plant medicines and products as gifts for years and have developed a knack for creating good blends for therapeutic purpose, aromatic benefit, and spiritual fulfillment.

Silver Willow herb & stone is the result of wanting to combine all that I love doing: working with plants from the Earth up, continuing to research plants, crystals and energy systems, helping people and animals feel their best, cooking a fine meal, and taking walks around the beauty of this Earth.

It is important to me to make products simply, with natural, vital ingredients. Many of the botanical ingredients I use are harvested from my own garden or wildcrafted from areas here in the Pacific Northwest. If it isn't something I grow or can harvest then I buy it from reputable sources where it is certified organic or ethically wildcrafted.

While most of the products I make are made with plant material, I also use stones and crystals. I have long felt a strong affinity to both plants and stones and am delighted to share my love with others in the form of these wonderful products and in one-on-one consultations. Click consultations for more information.

More about Vitalist Herbalism:

Vitalist Herbalism is a facet of Traditional Western Herbalism. Vitalism is the understanding that all life has within an innate vital force. This vital force is responsible for the spark of life and our health and well-being. Our vital force expresses itself within us in the form of our constitution. When the innate constitution becomes diminished or out of balance this is when one knows and feels dis-ease. Various techniques can be utilized by the well-versed herbalist to determine the clients’ constitution, recognize the energetic imbalances, and work with the vital force to regain balance and health.

Professional background:

~ Medicine Maker for friends and family for over 20 years

~ Medicinary Staff at the National University of Natural Medicine in the onsite Medicinary compounding formulas and working with faculty, students and patients since 2006

~ Manager of Silver Willow Gardens in St. Johns Portland, OR since 2007

~ Owner, Herbalist & Medicine Maker at Silver Willow herb & stone since 2014

Educational background:

~ Self-guided education regarding magical uses of herbs, flower essence therapy, therapeutic uses of stones, permaculture & growing with the Moon, earth-based spirituality & magic, plant identification, study of subtle bodies, & whole food nutrition since 1992

~ Diploma in Herbal Studies 3 year program, Master Herbalist designation at American College of Healthcare Sciences - 2005

~ Bachelor of Science in Community Health Education & School Health Education at Portland State University – 2007

~ Botanical Constellations, Elemental Herbalism & Vitalist Herbalist programs at School of Evolutionary Herbalism - completed from 2014 – 2019

~ Sacred Wheel Immersion with Allison Carr – 2016 - 2017

~ Advanced Clinical Practitioner Training program at Portland School of Herbal Wisdom - completed in 2018

~ Natural Perfumery & Aromatic Immersion with Jessica Ring – 2018

~ Intuitive Plant Medicine at One Willow Herbs with Asia Suler - completed in 2018